Tori Frost has been telling stories of all kinds for most of her life, beginning with a long-running comic about adventuring princesses when she was six. Now, in her mid-20s, she continues this storytelling saga as an aspiring writer. Upcoming projects include a contemporary YA about queer girls in the Midwest and an epic fantasy for teens about vengeance, sorcery, and (not surprisingly) more adventuring princesses.

Real-world problems can’t be solved by magical evil-slaying swords, but Tori believes words can be just as powerful in the fight for a more just and kind world. She firmly supports diverse authors and stories and strives to reflect the beauty of a diverse world in her own fiction.

Tori currently works as a bookseller in Boston, MA. She graduated from Smith College in 2014, where she studied English literature and medieval history.

If you would like to contact Tori, please visit the Contact page.



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